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Afar Travel Magazine is a delightful quarterly publication from America, perfect for anyone with a passion for exploring the world. With a laid-back and informal approach, Afar brings you the best travel experiences from both the USA and beyond, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Inside This Issue:

  • Exotic Locations: Discover astonishing places to visit around the globe.
  • Travel Tips: Get advice on what to do when you arrive at your destination.
  • Accommodation Advice: Find recommendations on where to stay for the best experience.
  • Travel Gear: Learn about the best equipment to take on your adventures.
  • Stunning Photography: Enjoy breathtaking images that capture the essence of each location.
  • Quality Journalism: Read engaging, well-written articles that bring each travel experience to life.


Written in a personal, direct, and informal style, Afar Travel Magazine is an easy, pleasant, and interesting read that will inspire your next journey. Whether you’re planning a trip or just dreaming of one, Afar is your perfect travel companion.

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4 Issues per year


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