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If you love the great nation of Scotland, then Scotland Magazine is perfect for you! This bi-monthly publication is packed with everything you need to know about Scotland, from recent events and historical facts to the best books and films.

Inside This Issue:

  • Recent Events: Stay updated on the latest happenings across Scotland.
  • Historical Facts: Learn fascinating details about Scotland’s rich history.
  • Best Books and Films: Find recommendations for the best Scottish literature and movies.
  • Holiday Ideas: Discover the top places to visit for your next holiday in Scotland.
  • Dining and Accommodation: Get tips on the best places to eat and sleep, whether in buzzing cities or the tranquil countryside.
  • Heritage and Traditions: Explore Scotland’s beautiful castles, grand houses, and intriguing ghost stories.
  • City Life vs. Countryside: Compare the vibrant city life with the serene countryside to plan your perfect Scottish experience.


Scotland Magazine is your guide to exploring and appreciating all that Scotland has to offer. Subscribe today and go on a journey through Scotland’s heritage, traditions, and breathtaking landscapes.

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