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Stop and linger a little while over Simple Things, a beautifully crafted magazine from the creators of Mollie Makes. This delightful publication is dedicated to celebrating the little things in life that take time but are truly worth the effort.

Inside This Issue:

  • Homespun Recipes: Enjoy delicious, heartwarming recipes like apple crumble that bring comfort and joy.
  • Family Activities: Discover fun and engaging ideas for spending quality time with your loved ones.
  • Interior Design: Find inspiration for creating cozy and beautiful living spaces.
  • Crafts: Learn new crafts that add a personal touch to your home and gifts.
  • Gardening Tips: Get advice on growing your vegetables, fruits, and flowers, enhancing your connection to nature.
  • Three Sections: Experience the magazine’s unique structure, divided into Dawn, Day, and Dusk, offering content that suits every part of your day.
  • Written Pieces: Enjoy thoughtfully written articles that capture moments perfectly, encouraging you to savor life’s simple pleasures.
  • Miscellany Section: Explore interesting topics like making the perfect cup of tea and adding a touch of charm to your routine.


Simple Things is perfect for those who know that life is best savored rather than rushed. Subscribe today and find joy in the small, meaningful moments that make life special.

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1 Year Subscription, 12 Issues Per Year


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