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Step into the world of elegant English living with The English Home Magazine. This beautiful, full-color magazine is perfect for anyone who loves traditional English style in home design, decorating, and entertaining.

Every issue is packed with ideas and inspiration, combining both old and new English styles. Inside, you’ll find:

  • British Architecture: Explore the unique charm of British homes.
  • Decorating Tips: Simple advice to bring English style into your home.
  • Home Features: Highlights of beautiful properties, furnishings, and antiques.
  • Shopping Guides: Handy tips for finding the best British designers and home goods, both worldwide and in the U.S.
  • Tasty Recipes: Delicious English dishes to try at home.
  • Travel Ideas: Suggestions for exploring the beauty of England.

Each issue takes you on a tour of some of most stunning homes and gardens, with colorful photos and detailed articles. Whether you want to add a touch of English charm to your home or simply enjoy reading about it, The English Home Magazine is your perfect companion.

Celebrate the timeless elegance of English style with The English Home Magazine, and let it inspire your own beautiful living.

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