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Profi Magazine is the essential read for those who are serious about agricultural machinery and technology. Each issue is filled with detailed reviews, expert advice, and technical insights that keep you informed and ahead of the curve in farming innovation and machinery efficiency.

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Receive the print version of Profi Magazine right at your doorstep. Published in the UK and written in English, this subscription offers 11 issues a year, each brimming with valuable knowledge and practical tips from the field.

What’s Inside Every Issue:

  • Comprehensive Machinery Reviews: Discover the latest in agricultural machinery with thorough, hands-on reviews.
  • Technical Tips and Insights: Get practical advice on maintenance and technical aspects to keep your equipment running smoothly.
  • Case Studies and Comparisons: Learn from detailed case studies and equipment comparisons to make informed decisions.
  • Industry Professional Interviews: Gain insights from interviews with leading experts and professionals in the agricultural sector.
  • Field Trial Reports: Read about real-world applications and results from various field trials.

Subscribe to Profi Magazine and stay at the forefront of agricultural innovation!

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