Slimming World Magazine

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Slimming World Magazine Subscription Benefits

  1. Inspirational Transformations:
    • Stories from women and men of all ages showcasing their weight loss journeys with Slimming World.
  2. Exclusive 7-Day Eating Plans:
    • Fast-track your food shopping and weight loss with carefully curated eating plans.
  3. Family-Friendly Recipes:
    • Fast, tasty recipes that the whole family can enjoy.
  4. Tips, Tricks, and Tactics:
    • Guidance to help you stay on track during holidays, eating out, or after setbacks.
  5. Nutrition and Health Updates:
    • Latest updates on nutrition, health, and changes to the Slimming World program.
  6. Exercise and Fitness Ideas:
    • Gym, exercise, and wellbeing tips tried and tested by Slimming World members.
  7. Fashion for All Sizes:
    • Fashion advice for all shapes and sizes, with transformative pieces for now and when you reach your goal.
  8. ‘M’ for Men Section:
    • Dedicated to male slimmers looking to get fit, slim down, and build confidence.


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