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German Life Magazine is your bi-monthly window into the rich and diverse cultures of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Perfect for anyone interested in the past and present, this magazine highlights how German heritage has shaped North America.

Inside each issue:

  • Culture: Discover German traditions, festivals, art, and music. Learn about Magic, traditional Springerle cookies, and historical carvings.
  • Food: Delicious German cuisine with articles on plum dishes, red foods, and autumn treats. Explore the history and traditions behind these culinary delights.
  • History: Gain insights into Germany’s past. Please read about the German Hyperinflation of 1923 or learn about Engelbert Krauskopf and his Lone Star Gun Caps Factory.
  • Travel: Explore beautiful destinations in Germany and beyond. Get travel tips and discover the allure of places like Bad Ragaz and the majestic mountains.
  • Scene: Stay updated on notable places and events. From The Alpine Wurst & Meat House to Oktoberfest, enjoy stories that celebrate these special moments.


German Life Magazine offers a rich tapestry of stories and insights, perfect for anyone who loves German, Austrian, and Swiss culture. Whether you’re fascinated by history, food, or travel, there’s something for everyone in each issue.


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